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Hello there, I'm Marie

Welcome to my blog!


My name is Marie Kristine Standeren, I'm Norwegian, living in Oslo (the capital), I'm in my early 30s and love to be creative, be inspired, see new places, meet new people, and explore new cultures. As you may have guessed already, I'm pretty into sustainable fashion // products. I just loooove everything related to sustainability - both in the product sense and in the "sustainable for me as a person" sense!

T O P I C S.





My personal style is a mix of high-quality pieces; unique second-hand clothing; items from local boutiques; and some fast fashion items I already had from before (the longevity of clothes is close to my heart so I still wear these garments, but I don't buy any new ones). I'll mix and match second-hand/vintage pieces with more modern,  newer, items. 





Info on designers/brands practicing one or more of these concepts; which products to buy; where to buy these products (online and brick-and-mortar); challenges, testing, and tips; etc.

I want to show how to dress well in garments that have been around for a while and how to follow current trends w/out buying new fast fashion items. I'll be writing about sustainable fashion and designers who focus on this, as well as online stores and brick-and-mortars around the world who sell sustainable fashion, second hand and/or vintage clothing.  






How to live well and be happy.  I believe that happiness comes from within and from interactions with other people

live well:

being joyful and grateful

little things in life

follow your dreams

what you have instead of don't have


new paths

focus on intrinsic rewards

Enjoying and appreciating the little things in life as well as noticing and focusing in on the details.



Exploring the world, being open to change, and following your dream(s). Seeing new, breathtaking, interesting, unusual, and exotic places as well as experiencing different cultures, make me happy. I'm constantly "traveling" towards my goals (both literally and figuratively) and I want you to be a part of that journey while harvesting some tips and tricks along the way!







Every Monday (is the plan at least..) I'll post a collage of inspirational pictures (and maybe a quote or two): My own pictures mixed with pictures found online (paid for or given permission to use of course!) that I find inspiring in one way or another.







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