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A Week In July

Updated: Mar 10, 2019


After my morning routine and some work on my lap top, I had my 8 hour shift for my internship at Mod Pod. Mondays are usually pretty slow, so that's when I try out different "flat lay" options for the Mod Pod Instagram, my instagram, and for I struggled to figure out why the photos came out so weird, but I think it's because I take the photos behind the counter, which blocks the natural light (and it's also placed at the far back of the store where less natural light gets to.. So the next photos I'm going to take, I'll take outside in the shade (also outside of my working hours!) so I can make them look good for the website! This photo above to the right looks a lot better than the one on the left and they're are both taken with my pretty poor quality iPhone camera.. same editing; big difference in outcome!

Mondays are Bachelorette night, so we went and got some ice cream (Monday is just an extension of the weekend, right?), and got sucked into the drama and romance of this 2-hour (!) long show.


I started the day with reading in my book about the history's most famous fashion designers: "Fashion Visionaries" By Linda Watson. I love this book; it talks about each designer in only a couple pages, thus, focusing on the most important and most inspiring of their works. After having this delicious breakfast in the photo above, I watched an episode of Blackish with Kierra - I'm hooked now, it's so funny and lighthearted. After that I read my other book by the pool before walking Downtown (and taking some nice flower pics on the way) to Tried & True where I worked on my laptop for a little bit - and got my iced matcha latte for free 'cause I was talking with the barista about going home and how sad I was to be leaving for good and she wanted to make me happy! That's so sweet! Then I walked again, now to Snap Fitness where I worked out with Eric and got my personalized workout program focused on reaching my 2 strength goals: 50 pushups and 200 pound deadlift! After dinner Fabio came over and we had a little birthday celebration for Kierra with Kake and ice cream and Harry Potter movie night. We're planning on seeing all of them in the right order before I leave - Fabio hasn't seen all of them, Kierra is a huge fan, and I think they're great but can never remember the order..


I finally got a haircut! After playing tennis with my roomies in the morning, and working a short shift, I sat down at a coffee shop Downtown Corvallis where I worked on some stuff on my laptop and had a caffè mocha. Then, since I was starving, I decided to have late lunch/early dinner at a food truck I've been wanting to try for awhile: Kento Hibachi On Wheels. I had their steak and shrimp option: It was really good! The meat was perfectly cooked and the vegetables where right where they were supposed to be between raw/fresh and fried soft. Then I had my hair appointment with the amazing Tiara at Adore Salon. It's nice being back to shoulder length (in the front, shorter in the back)! On my way home I listened to my new audiobook about blogging, so far it's mostly stuff I believe is pretty self explanatory, but maybe it'll get more "advanced" as the chapters go on. Before making dinner, we went to pick some blackberries and had a little photo shoot - I'll post pictures soon!


Had another short shift at my internship and was working on the Instagram course I'm taking with my boss, both before and after work - it's so fun and inspiring, it's hard to stop haha! On my way back from work I decided to check out an Antique store that I always walk by on my way to and from work. It is so cool! It even has a section entirely devoted to Hawaiian shirts! Not that I'm going to get a ton of Hawaiian shirts anytime soon, but how cool is that?! The bag and jewelry in the photo above, I got for $7.50!

Around 6pm, after having dinner, I went to the pool for a little bit to read as a nice and relaxing end to my day (before I realized I needed to tidy up my room a little and do some laundry, but close enough..).


Played some tennis again; it's so fun and such a good workout! The puppy was on the court with us, doing a pretty good job retrieving the balls we couldn't catch (or just went in an entirely different direction than it was supposed to..) and got a good workout as well! Above: got him some Gatorade water on our way across the fields after - so cute!! After that, I had my lunch by the pool and continued reading "The Measure of my Powers" by Jackie Kai Ellis - recommend! It is very well written, and it is composed of multiple short stories from the author's life that makes you angry, sad, and happy, and inspire you to follow your dreams. Then Kierra, Ranger, and I went to the creek to cool off and try out Ranger's new shark fin life west! Haha, isn't that the cutest thing ever?!

Ended the day with a Harry Potter night!


Went to the Farmers' Market Downtown Corvallis with Fabio and got some locally made honey and milk, and a crepe for lunch. After that I had work until around 6pm, then walked home to get ready for going to dinner and bars in Portland to celebrate Kierra's birthday! We ate at a Thai restaurant and went to the "famous" drag show at Darcelle's. It was great! At midnight the place turned into a strip club, which was a very different vibe haha! There very a TON of brides-to-be with their bachelorette-party-crew there, as well as a few other birthday girls. It was an interesting, but really fun night! Kierra and I stayed at one of our sorority sisters' apartment in Portland, which was super nice! Can't wait to get my own apartment..


Had breakfast at a typical American diner in Portland before we had to get back to Corvallis so I could get to work at 11:45am. Got there with time to spare and even open up the store 15 min early! Above: dress and shoes from Mod Pod, of course! Had to take a little nap after work.. then spent some more time soaking up the sun by the pool, before dinner and another Harry Potter movie haha. Fabio came over to our house and got us American Dream Pizza for our movie night - yummy!!

Puh, that was my week last week. I have to apologize to my Norwegian readers for not translating this post (too much work haha, and even though you might like reading in Norwegian better, I know you all know English so this time there's only one option.. sorry)

Did you do anything fun last week? :)


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