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Black & White & A Retro Soccer Shirt

This weekend I didn't do any work what so ever: no homework, blog, or household chores. It was super nice! I decided Friday that I was going to relax, go to markets, hang out with friends, have some quality time with my mom, and watch the 22 July Netflix movie about Utøya, Norway. So that was exactly what I did; it's important for our mental health to take some chill days, destress, and focus on what makes us happy. Not that the 22 July movie made me happy, on the contrary... but it was a good movie and I recommend watching it! It's a lot less hectic in school now and it's amazing - I actually feel like I have a life outside of school now haha. Don't have to stay there late and/or work on homework all the other hours of the day - and night. So life is good right now. I'm expecting it to get a little crazy again soon though.. but then I've hopefully gathered some extra energy for it!

Have an amazing week! <3


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