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Updated: Oct 4, 2019

The fashion industry as it is today is really scaring me. Knowing what I know about the consequences of the production of most clothes, I really want to just throw in the towel and give up on the world. It seems like it is beyond repair.

When looking at health issues related to the clothing industry, it's heartbreaking to see the wast repercussions. Seeing how many people who are struggling with diseases and issues caused by polluted water, lack of water, use of pesticides, and awful working conditions. I just can't fathom that there are people out there knowing what I know and seeing what's happening first hand and still continuing with their huge production with the only focus being maximizing their income. It makes me sick to my stomach that these people only care about the bottom line and feeling dang good about themselves when they manage to pressure the factories to produce even more at an even lower cost.

It's really hard to figure out who these people are and whom that is to blame. The factories follow orders from the big corporations, the big corporations brag about using ethical factories and being sustainable, and the authorities don't bother to take action or responsibility. Whom is really to blame? Whom in this enormous puzzle has the power to change these practices??

There is a great need for a paradigm shift. It is going to come. I'm sure of it. But is it going to come in time? How long will it take for ALL the factories and farms in the world to cut down enough on pollution, stop overusing, stop treating people as slaves, stop overproducing?? I'm worried that it will take too long. Consumers have the power to make a change, but there are not enough of us yet. Us who want change. Who work actively for it. Who have seen and understood the consequences.

I'm seeing all that people are doing now for the environment; all the engagement, the concern, the effort. But there are too many people who are in the dark. They have no idea what's going on. Maybe they turn a blind eye or maybe they just don't have the resources to be informed. How can we change the habits of the entire world? And do so before it's too late?

I'm so glad that someone finally put the leaders of the world in the spotlight as the culprits for our environmental crisis. Greta Thunberg said what nobody else has dared say before: these leaders only think about economic growth and not the future of the young generations.

We need things to change right now! It seems like everyone is just waiting for each other to take the first step. No one wants to be first. For many companies, the change that is needed means suicide for the company. Especially when it comes to fast fashion. That's why we need new laws and regulations that will demand all companies, all countries, all leaders to make the same changes - now.

The Troll Tongue (Trolltunga), in my beautiful country, Norway.


Keep doing the little things for a better world!


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