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The photos in this post are from a cabin-to-cabin hike/backpack. Both of the cabins we stayed at belong to DNT (Den Norske Turistforening / Norwegian Trekking Association). This was in mid July 2020.

// All photos are taken with my Olympus OM-D camera.

We started this hike/backpack at Todalshytta (cabin), hiked through the valley called Snekkerdalen, stayed one night at Gammelhytta in Innerdalen, then hiked a different route, over Bjøråskaret, back to Todalshytta. The photos are in chronological order so you can follow the hike from start to finish (captured almost all the different parts of the hike). Most of the photos are more towards an artsy look, but all in all they'll give you an idea of the type of terrain and scenery this hike has. Enjoy! :)

The hike started pretty steep. This part felt like 1/3 of the hike because it took a while getting all the way to the top.

As mentioned, we chose to go through the valley (Snekkerdalen) on our way there and take the more challenging route back (over Bjøråskaret). The valley was pretty flat so not very challenging at all.

Had to walk up a bit before heading down towards Innerdalen (the valley where we stayed at Gammelhytta).

Even steeper going down to Innerdalen than that first climb up from Todalshytta. This was definitely the steepest part of the hike (at least it felt like that since we were going down and not up).

As mentioned above, we stayed at "Gammelhytta" (below on the right) with a super nice view of Innerdalstårnet (on the left).

Before getting here we had to cross a small field of sheep and hike through a forrest area that was moderately steep.

At this altitude there was still snow in July. The air was warm though, so three of us wore shorts the rest of the hike - even for the most icy/snowy parts.

At the top! (below)

Breaks are important! :D

Then we went down again just as steep as going up. With the snow it didn't take long as we slid down a god part of the hill!

The last part of this other route was much easier - less snow and pretty flat.

Stumbled upon a bit more snow towards the end, but it made it easy to cross the river (even though it was a bit scary..).

Back to where we started.

I definitely recommend this hike - for hiking-veterans as well as newbies!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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