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Updated: Oct 22, 2018

Lately, my life has been like a rollercoaster, at least my stress levels have: up to 100% and then down to zero (together with the energy level..) for a bit before spiking again. We just handed in our 5 paneled suit jacket. My sewing machine (or actually my mom's old sewing machine) started struggling again (this was the final straw - I'm getting a new one!!!) and I kept making stupid mistakes (I do that when I know I don't have much time and try to be efficient.. bad idea; I should just take my time and double check that all my i's are dotted and my t's are crossed before going on to the next task. I'm slow by nature (ironic, 'cause I've always been a fast runner) so I need all the time I have, thus there are no time for mistakes. I'm hoping, if I take my time from the beginning that I won't have to keep going back to fix mistakes. We'll see, we're starting a new sewing assignment soon so then I'll try this new approach. As well as, like the title of this post says: Just relax; I need to just slow down and believe it will all be okay in the end.

This weekend I've been working on stuff for our design class (I'll show you guys in a later post!) plus actually taken the time to be social: I went to Escape Room (really recommend it!!) with some friends from The American College of Norway, went out in Oslo to multiple bars/nightclubs Thursday night, and stayed from Friday evening till Saturday morning at a friend's apartment in Oslo before going shopping on Grünerløkka. Got myself a advent calendar (super early, I know!), a new (old) puffy jacket, and a couple other things. Another thing I did this weekend was realizing I can't move in to Oslo until end of summer 'cause I'm too broke haha. Sad. Oh well, at least I get dinner cooked for me and my laundry magically appears clean and folded in my room, so I guess life isn't so bad after all!

Have a magnificent week everyone! I'll be back next weekend ;)


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