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Updated: Aug 18, 2020

This is my Esmod Graduation collection. I wish I could've been happier with the outcome, but I guess that it's common to not be super satisfied with ones first try. Also, corona happened right in the middle of our busiest time working on this final assignment.. Felt like I was slowly drowning at one point, BUT I passed, got my Esmod International diploma and an Adobe Certificate at the same time, so even though I'm not happy with my collection, I graduated and can have a life again!



For this collection I was inspired by the human anatomy. More specifically the inside of the human body and the skin protecting it. I’ve focused on the ageing and repairing of the skin (wrinkles and suture) as well as the cardiovascular system. The lines in the garments come from the natural lines within the body, especially the blood vessels. The zig zag details that is a recurring theme throughout the collection symbolise stitches from suture used to repair the skin and hold it together. The volume comes from sagging skin and the fact that our skin goes from tight to loose as it ages. Thus some garments looks weirdly out of proportion and all are starting from a tight neck or waist and ending up at a wide hem.


01. Dark Colored Reversible 3-in-1 Coat (in the photo only one side of it is shown)

02. Multi Colored Reversible 2-in-1 Coat & Dress (do not have a photo of this yet)

03. Beige Silk Lined Wool Suit Jacket

04. Printed Tencel Calf Length Shift Dress

05. Printed Tencel Blouse

06. Dark Yellow Silk Organza Blouse

07. Black Wool Sweater (do not have a photo of this yet)

08. Black Wool Top

09. White Wool Top

10. White Sleeveless Shirt (do not have a photo of this yet)

11. Beige Silk Lined Wool Suit Pants

12. Brown Reversible Wool Pants

- I will hopefully have a photo shoot this summer with all the garments and make another post with those photos!


Have a great day!


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