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Oversized Knit & Check Trench

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

Some of my favorite fall trends: chunky knit sweaters, check patterns, and oversized maxi jackets!

Photos from Hvaler, Norway

Now I'm sitting at a cafe in Kraków, Poland, of all places haha. My dad will be here on a business trip and I asked to tag along 'cause it's our fall break this week and I wanted to do something fun. My plan was initially to go to Portland and Corvallis, but it got too expensive and I realized it was a bit too soon since I was there until mid August.. Instead I'm thinking to go there next summer - then I can also stay longer! I have 2 and a half day here in Krakow. My dad joins me late tonight so today I have to do something I really hate: eating dinner alone.. I think it's so uncomfortable. I might have to bring my laptop to keep me company lol.. guess I'm not going someplace fancy. Sometimes in life one has to eat alone in public so I guess it's just good practice for me haha. I'm a very social person and don't like to be alone too much, but once in a while it's nice to have some alone time. For example, I love sitting alone at cafes, like right now, sipping on a coffee/tea and working on my laptop; now with an iced coffee (I did not expect to be so hot that I would prefer iced over hot beverage... feels like summer in here haha) and 2 macaroons. Yummy! In a bit I'll head over to the Plac Nowy flea market and look for some vintage treasures!


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