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Papago Park

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Papago Park, Phoenix, Arizona

Happy New Year everyone!!

This is my last day in the US before I have to go back to school - already looking forward to my next break haha. While here, I visited friends in Seattle, Portland, Corvallis, and Phoenix. I flew in to Seattle where I stayed a couple of days, went to some cute cafes, did some shopping, went to multiple bars (including Unicorn, a really cool gay bar - recommend! - and a speakeasy called Knee High Stocking Co.). Then I took the Bolt bus to Portland where I went straight to lunch/early dinner with some of my Kappa sisters. For some weird reason (being that one of us had never been to one I guess) we went to some strip clubs with a guy friend of ours - very interesting and actually pretty fun! The day after, I went to Corvallis with my friend Jessica, where I had some errands to run and stopped by the store I was working on last summer. Had two free coffees on my stamp cards for my favorite coffee shop, Interzone, so obviously had to go there! So after just four days up in the Northwest, I flew down to Phoenix, Arizona where I've now spent a week having so much fun visiting my friends Shannon and Josh! My flight leaves tomorrow morning at 9am so I have to get up bright and early..


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