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My second redesign-jacket for the Bestis project.

WOW.... this week (and last week..) has been CRAZY. I, for some insane reason, decided that I should arrange "Julebord" (Christmas-table: according to Wikipedia, "a Scandinavian feast or banquet in the days before Christmas in December") for the entire school all by myself..... so I've had a little extra to plan and figure out in addition to completing our school assignments. Thus, this post was postponed a week along with Instagram updates and basically everything else - including sleep. Now I know how it's possible to fall asleep standing up haha. But it was all worth it!! I had a blast at our Julebord (so much fun that I forgot to take photos..), the food was great, the Aquavit was present, and it wasn't too much mess to clean up after - so it was a very successful Christmas party I'd say! Now I just need to pay the bill.. but no worries, money grows on trees, right? JK, everyone paid me their share so now it's just for me to make sure not to spend all that money on presents and Aquavit before I get the bill!

Next Wednesday is our last day of school before winter break - I'm soooo ready! Just need to make a pair of jeans first apparently.. I'm sensing another all-nighter, but THEN IT'S PARTY TIME!! And nap time..

Merry Christmas!!! <3


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