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Updated: Aug 28, 2020

I just signed up for Slow Fashion Season!

You should too!

Sign up here

Want more info and reasons, read on:

"After an amazing Slow Fashion Season last year where almost 15,000 people committed to not buying new clothes for 3 months, we’re back to do it bigger and better this year: 25,000 people. 3 months. Conscious Choices. This year, we are doing things a bit differently due to the COVID-19 crisis that impacts many of the sustainable brands that we love. All rules from last year apply (trading clothes, DIY/upcycle, buying second-hand/vintage), with one lovely addition: we support buying from local/sustainable brands" - Slow Fashion Season

I LOVE THIS INITIATIVE!! We don't need all the stuff we buy. Some things, sure, those are important, but not the third pair of shoes bought this month because they were "on sale" and "so cheap." I really love the idea of purchasing only secondhand/vintage and local/sustainable products. I know it might be difficult to go from an only-shopping-fast-fashion lifestyle to only buying secondhand and sustainable (= more expensive). This is why the Slow Fashion Season is so genius! You only commit to 3 months (or less now, since it's only till September 21st), and see how that goes. It's good for the planet and your wallet!

We have to change how we shop, consume and discard stuff. We need to go back to how it was many years ago - before fast fashion & cheap made-in-china - when one would save up for a pair of jeans, buy ones soap at the local shop and invest in few good quality products. Since we have so much stuff already made, we also need to try our best to reach a circular economy where everything we produce stays in a closed loop: produced, reused, recycled, re-loved. Instead of just made and discarded.

Did you know that 57% of all discarded clothing end up in landfill? So statistically speaking, of all that stuff that you thought were going to charity more than half of it actually just goes straight to landfill.. It feels good getting rid of stuff one doesn't need anymore, maybe replace it with something new and better, and give to people in need while you're at it. The harsh truth though, is that those people in need are just left to clean up our mess. They don't need more cheap, ruined, ugly clothes. They want to be able to sell their own merchandise, but those with locally made goods don't have any customers 'cause they only want the newest stuff from the Western World. All the stuff that doesn't make the cut at the markets end up...yup you guessed it, in landfill.

"57% of all discarded clothing end up in landfill" - Slow Fashion Season

I remember seeing or reading somewhere that only 2% of all textiles donated to charity actually gets sold as secondhand (could be wrong, but I really think this number makes sense). Then you might think that secondhand stores are too picky or don't take in as much as they could, but (according to the same source, so don't quote me on it..) they actually take in as much as they can and feel like they're drowning in all the incoming deliveries. If more people buy secondhand they might be able to rescue more stuff from going to landfill! Thus, I really hope you join the Slow Fashion Season and either don't buy anything at all, buy secondhand or at the very least invest in some good quality local/sustainable products and support small businesses at the same time!

Other things you could do during Slow Fashion Season:

  • DIY - Lots of ideas on Pinterest!

  • Upcycle/redesign those clothes you no longer like as they are - Check out some cool ideas here and here!

  • Swap/trade - Look for public events or invite your friends for a swap-night!

  • Repair - You can get someone to do it for you or do it yourself - tips here!

  • Donate - Not my fave, but better than tossing straight in the trash..

There is still plenty of time left to sign up and be a part of this great project!


Have a great Slow Fashion Season!


- All images are made by Slow Fashion Season.


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