They lay the bar really high this year and didn't reach their goal, but still, there were over 11,000 people who signed up and committed to not buying any new clothes for three months! Think about the impact we made! If all of us 11,000 people instead went about our lives and bought what we wanted whenever we wanted it, then that would've added up to A LOT MORE STUFF than we now accumulated in that set time frame. That is pretty cool :)


I feel like I failed.. just a little. I did buy a few new things, but I really needed one item, an other I've worn almost every day since I git it, and I know I will make good use of the other items in the near future! Plus, I realised that they were actually secondhand in a way, because I got them at work at a sample sale, which means that they most likely have been used for photo shoots before ending up in my hands. Also, they were bought from a local brand (that I work for and want to support and I know focuses a lot on sustainability), which Slow Fashion Season has added as "OK to buy from" this year due to the Corona crisis, and it's NOT FAST FASHION. This last one is super important in my opinion, purchasing few more expensive and better quality items from a brand that focuses on sustainability is a great way to help the planet and vote with your wallet!

My plan was to avoid buying anything new AT ALL. So instead of having this rule only applying to clothes I was thinking I could add this goal to the other areas of my consumption.


...besides groceries, eating/drinking out, and stuff for my cat.


01. Jacket (hiking)

02. Sunglasses (Bergans X Kaiboosh)

03. Fanny pack (exercise)

04. Comforter

05. Light bulb

06. Towel

07. Soap bar

08. Thermo bottle

09. Adapter for headphones

10. Phone charging cable

11. Dish brush replacement head


12. Jacket (everyday and hiking)

13. Sunglasses (Bergans X Kaiboosh)

14. Fanny pack (hiking)

15. Vintage turban

16. Dress and jacket (set)

17. Vintage magazines (to use as decor)

18. Gold plated rings

19. Shot glass (souvenir)

20. 4 Bottle pouring taps (liquor & oils)

After combing through my bank statements for July, August and September (counting from July 23rd to September 23rd), I found that I've had 20 purchases (counted the two rings together, the set as one and the 4 bottle taps as one purchase).

- 28 items all together.



- Sunglasses X2 - bought from Norwegian brand focusing on sustainability

- Comforter (down & feather, in organic cotton bag)

- Light bulb

- Towel - 100% organic cotton

- Shot glass (souvenir) - bought from small local store

- Soap bar - bought from small local store

- Thermo bottle - bought from small local store

- Adapter for headphones

- Phone charging cable

- Dish brush replacement head - not plastic


- Jacket X2 - sample sale

- Fanny pack X2 - sample sale


- Vintage turban

- Dress and jacket (set)

- Vintage magazines (use as decor)

- Gold plated rings



- Dress and jacket (set) - secondhand

- Jacket X2 - sample sale - Norwegian brand focusing on sustainability

= 4 items


- Fanny pack X2 - sample sale - Norwegian brand focusing on sustainability

- Sunglasses X2 - Norwegian brand focusing on sustainability

- 2 Gold plated rings - secondhand

- Vintage turban - secondhand

= 7 items



When I started analyzing my results for Slow Fashion Season, my first thought was that I had failed - miserably. Seeing the list getting longer and longer I got more and more upset and disappointed in myself. I got flashbacks to each purchase and remember thinking "I haven't really bought anything since July 23rd, and this is secondhand/local/something I need" so it's OK! At second glance, I actually didn't get anything that was on the NO-list for Slow Fashion Season, because these things (at least the clothing and accessories) were all slow fashion, mostly local, and/or from brands that focus on sustainability! NO FAST FASHION!

This was my first try, I think I did OK, but next year I know I'll do better; I just signed up for "Klimadugnaden" (Link here) and I'm not gonna buy any clothes (or accessories) at all for 1 full year (ending September 2021)! Anyone wanna join? :D


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